When you look at the world around you as an ongoing story, you always have stories to tell.

I’ve been a storyteller my entire life, from lovingly illustrated tales I wrote about sending the Black Stallion to space as a kid, to creating articles that make cutting edge, poorly understood veterinary procedures meaningful and resonant as a professional. Fiction. Creative Nonfiction. Technical writing. Over the years I’ve done all of this and done it well, be it in a professional arena, self-publishing on Amazon, or commentary and observations on social media channels such as LiveJournal, Tumblr and WordPress.

After nine years of working for someone who prized thinking outside the box, I’ve decided to take a risk and re-brand my career to focus on social media marketing, where I have a voice ideally suited for engaging consumers in conversation and communicating a message that resonates. My personal success with up and coming social media platforms such as tumblr and participation in Market Motive’s Digital Marketing certification courses, with particular focus on Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO strategy, combined with technical writing skills and a creative writing background, make me an unusually experienced candidate for an entry level position.

On my own time, I am a writer, reader, gamer, amateur photographer, horse racing aficionado, Big Blue Nation fanatic, sci-fi geek, Disney Nerd and Mass Effect addict. On my personal blog, Bourbon and Bluegrass, you’ll find photos and stories from my experiences with horse racing. This is a relatively new effort looking to find its feet, and I look forward to pursuing it.

I am passionate, motivated and ready to make some noise. I’d like to make it for you and your business.


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